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Awarded as Best Presenter in Chittagong

In a field where excellence is the hallmark of success, Smita Chowdhury’s receipt of the Best Presenter Award in Chittagong in 2017 stands as a shining testament to her unparalleled anchoring skills. Her ability to engage, inform, and entertain has made her a beloved figure in the world of broadcasting in Bangladesh. This dynamic achievement not only recognizes her dedication but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring anchors and broadcasters nationwide.

Smita Chowdhury

Smita Chowdhury is a well-known media personality and anchor in Bangladesh.

With more than a decade of experience in the media and corporate industry, she has made a name for herself as a proficient presenter and content creator. She is also known for her ability to speak multiple languages, including Bengali, English, and Hindi, which has helped her connect with a wider audience.

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Impressive Accomplishments

Explore the illustrious journey of Ms. Smita Chowdhury, a prominent anchor in Bangladesh, and discover her trail of impressive accomplishments.



Discover the captivating world of television with Smita Chowdhury, Bangladesh’s renowned anchor, as she skillfully guides you through the latest news and stories with charm and expertise.



Experience excellence in anchoring with Smita Chowdhury, the recipient of the prestigious Best Presenter Award in Chittagong 2017, setting new standards in the world of broadcasting.


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Dive into the viral sensation of Bangladesh’s beloved anchor, Smita Chowdhury, with her most popular video on social media, a must-watch moment that’s captured hearts and minds across the nation.


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Explore the digital charisma of Bangladesh’s renowned anchor, Smita Chowdhury, through her most popular content creation on social media, a captivating journey that’s captured the hearts of countless viewers.


Most popular videos

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